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Dr. Hurst

Why did Dr. Hurst create the Laser-Vibe Therapy™ program?

Dr. Jason Hurst, DC is a Doctor Of Chiropractic licensed to practice in the state of Virginia.  He is the director of Integrative Health Spine & Disc Center, the largest Laser clinic in Virginia specializing in chronic pain conditions.  Since 2010, Dr. Hurst and his team have been helping thousands of patients get rid of their chronic pain utilizing the latest technologies that are available.

Using multiple in office therapies and a specific stretching and exercise protocol, along with a few “secret weapons”… Dr. Hurst is seeing results with his patients that are typically unheard of.  Many of his patients are those who have been referred over the years from doctor to doctor without getting any real relief.  Even with the odds stacked against him… Dr. Hurst and his team are getting over a 90% success rate with patients getting relief in just the first visit!


"It doesn’t matter how the pain developed, it only matters how we are going to treat it.

Most people don’t think about how the body functions on a daily basis.  What I’ve learned over the years from treating thousands of patients is that most people really don’t care how the body functions, they just want to feel good all the time.  The good news is you don’t have to care how the body functions either.

Follow us.  Let my staff be your guide.  I created Laser-Vibe Therapy™ with the hope that not only will we get rid of your pain… but that we give you the tools to keep the pain from coming back! 

Simply put… my mission is to empower my patients with the knowledge and resources to stop the pain, and stop the need to go back to other doctors and therapists in the future.

I want you to succeed with my proven protocol, probably even more than you do.  I have developed Laser-Vibe Therapy™ specifically to help as many people as I possibly can.  Put your trust in us, we won’t let you down.”

Thank you,

Dr. Jason Hurst, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic


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  • "I came to Integrative Health because this is the only place that helped me a lot. I came here with pains of a number 6 and now it is down to a zero in my left side. Thank you so much."
    Audrey P.
  • "The staff is excellent and they make you feel good whenever you come in. Very helpful. The pain in my knee has decreased considerably."
    Betty B.