Patient Testimonials

We value our patients' experience at INTEGRATIVE HEALTH. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jason Hurst & Dr. Jackye Kim

I came in because I saw a commercial and was desperate to try anything that would decrease my pain. I received Laser Treatment to my hip and my thigh when I told the workers that my pain was moving down further. I have referred friends and relatives but I am not sure if they have contacted you.

-Joyce E.

The numbing, tingling of stenosis made prone to falling.  In March 2013 I was going up the stairs and let go of the railing to reach up to turn off the light and fell backwards down the stairs and shattered C-6 leading to spinal fusion surgery with a titanium cage around the C-Spine.  The Neurosurgeon referred me to Spinal Pain Center of Fredericksburg who gave me steroid epidural shots every year.  They called me last week and asked why I had not scheduled the epidural this year and I told them I was getting wonderful and noninvasive treatments from Integrative Health and would not be getting the epidurals anymore! 

-Patsy C.

I came here for treatment on my back to try something different. I have gone to neurology, orthopedic, chiropractor and taken many types of meds, nothing seems to help. I been hurting over one and a half years. I received Laser treatment and decompression and I feel better than before. The treatment and exercise is very helpful. I will recommend family and friends for this treatment. 

-Sallie K. 

I have had back issues for about 30 years plus. Through different physical therapies and exercises I had come to conclusion I would have to live with certain pain and discomfort and loss of certain abilities. Watching TV one day and saw the Ad called and set up an appointment and here I am!!!!  Virtually pain free!!  And I am able to do my job enjoy life preparing for retirement in the near future. These events (TV Ad and coming here) have been a God send. I truly believe you’ll have changed my life and the way I perceive being healthy and able.  You have been personal, courteous, kind, feeling, and professional. I will never forget what these visits have meant to me.  Thank you and bless all of you. 

-Larry B.

Went to my primary physician where she gave me a shot she sent me to Physical Therapy for 6 weeks 2 and 3 times a week. Went back to her and she referred me to an orthopedic. He took a MRI and gave me a shot sent me back to Physical Therapy… still could not relieve my pain. He wanted me to have surgery with a 50-50 chance that it would help. Went to a chiropractor for 6 months 4 times a week. I heard of Integrative Health and decided to give it a try. I have been in for my 18th visit and can move my arms up over my head and No Pain!

-Patricia H.

I had pain in both legs that had gotten to be worse in the knees especially the right. As soon as the treatments started I could feel the difference was happening. After 6 treatments the pain was a lot less. By the 9th treatment the pain was gone other than the stiffness. No pain for the past 5 days and no surgery needed nor rehab. I would recommend to anyone! 

-Margaret L.

I came in with my lower back hurting and now I am not hurting. The staff is “Excellent” and are genuinely concerned about your wellbeing! 

-Colleen J. 

I had been having back pain for more than a year, I’ve done physical therapy twice I would feel better and then the pain would move. After my second PT try I just could not feel better. My doctor gave me prescription drugs for pain and spasms that made me sleep better but did not cure the problem. I was never x-rayed to see if it was my back. Within one week at Integrative Health I had been diagnosed with scoliosis and within three weeks my pain was about 50% less.  After 8 weeks I have no pain!!! I am sore when I wake but after exercising (daily) I am fine. 

-Charleen B.

My boyfriend saw this Ad in the newspaper. We decided to give it a chance because I was in excruciating pain and the article claimed to have noninvasive therapy. I cannot say enough about this wonderful facility… but above all else is the caring, courteous and kind staff. From Dr. Kim on down I have been treated with respect for my pain and care in helping me to be pain free! 

-Gwendolyn B.

The staff is excellent and they make you feel good whenever you come in. Very helpful. The pain in my knee has decreased considerably. 

-Betty B.

 I came here for treatment on my back to try something different. I have gone to neurology, orthopedic, chiropractors and taken many types of pain medications, nothing seem to help. I been hurting over 1 and a half years. I received laser treatment and decompression. I feel better than before, the treatment and exercise is very helpful. I will recommend family and friends for this treatment. 

-Sallie K. 

I came because of severe pain in the back. I could barely sit, walk, or tie my shoes. I was under the care of Tuckahoe Orthopedic, and received physical therapy a year ago. But months later the pain continued. So I did some research and found this practice and decided to try it out. I received decompression and cold laser for six weeks. This has been a great decision on my part. I feel great since receiving treatment.  I am in no pain just stiffness! Awesome job goes out to Dr. Kim, Jessee, Kasee, and Nikki for assisting me and helping me out. I have already referred family and friends to pay a visit and give it a try. Thanks for everything. 

-Douglas H.

I came to Integrative Health because this is the only place that helped me a lot. I came here with pains of a number 6 and now it is down to a zero in my left side. Thank you so much.

-Audrey P.

 I have been able to get on a piece of exercise and stretches to better my health. Before coming here every so often I took Advil or arthritis pill for the pain. My referring Doctor didn’t seem to think I was in pain enough for anything more than too many Advil’s to take in a day. The four machines have helped me to have more mobility and a new attitude of healthy living. 

-Janet K.

 I would like to thank you’ll for making me PAIN FREE! 

-Orelane H. 

The treatment has helped relieve my back and leg pain. Thank you.

-Boyd J. 

Prior to coming here I had been to my family doctor for sharp pains in my right shoulder and a ruptured bicep muscle. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who took x-rays but recommended against shoulder surgery because of the 6-9 month recovery period and said that physical therapy probably would not be beneficial. The pain continued and I had limited use of my arm. I saw the ad for Integrative Health checked with my daughter and RN and the other experts and decided two give it a try, after the first treatment I could feel a difference. Dr. Kim and her office staff are all friendly and competent greeting my wife and me by name on each visit. I have told many friends about my excellent and successful treatment. 

-Paul L.

I came to Integrative Health Spine and Disc in hopes of getting relief from my lower back and right leg pain and as a result to have more flexibility and better sleep at night. I felt some relief after the first couple of treatments and now do sleep better at night. I am not completely pain free but hope the treatments will continue to bring healing even after the course is over. 

-Nancy W.

When I first came in I found it very hard to stand up straight. My lower back would hurt so bad I could not stand the pain to be upright my right leg between the knee and legs really hurt. That has eased a great deal. Everything is much better now.

-Grace P.

I can sleep better, back is almost free of discomfort. 

-Gary S.

I came in because of a TV commercial and I was skeptical at first, but I feel much better after the treatments. The staff is awesome.

-Floyd N.

Has removed pain to a great degree. 

-Linwood H.

I came in because I have tried all treatments available short of surgery and no improvement. When I came here I felt immediate relief. My pain is not completely gone but it certainly has diminished a lot. The Laser treatment and the Decompression are great!! Thank you.

-Violeta G.

I had a sharp pain in my lower back. This happened in 2000 three disc were dislocated. I was fine with pain pills and exercises. From Integrative Health I received laser, decompression, hyper vibe, and flexion table. Pain is a “0”!  The treatment has me feeling wonderful. I have referred friends.

-Rogerline T.

I feel like Integrative Health has helped me with dealing with my pain all together. I am able to walk further and not use a motorized vehicle at the food store. Although I still experience a bit of pain at times, it is not severe as it was before. The stretching and walking is not as bad but I do have flare ups. I am able to pick up things and other things relating to moving better in and out of the house. Going up and down steps is not as difficult.

-Robert I.

When I started treatment my pain level was maxing out at a 10, most of the time. 
As I received my treatments each week I could notice the pain levels dropping and the exercises and brace was all helping me do some other this with less pain. 

-Daniel Jr., M.

After years of cortisone shots in both knees the Laser Treatment has worked much better. I understand that the Laser heals the knees rather than a temporary fix. I am looking forward to a much more active summer.

-Carolyn W.

I saw this company TV Ad and I thought I should try the program, especially the Laser Therapy. The staff is great and I would tell all my friends about the Laser Therapy.

-Bernard S.

I had neck pain and decided to try Cold Laser Therapy to avoid surgery. The pain has subsided and I will be able to not have surgery. The staff is great and very friendly. I told my neighbor to try Integrative Health for her back.

-David T.

I could barely walk on my first visit in pain. I feel good now and I can walk with no pain.

-Eric T.

I came to Integrative Health experiencing episodes of intense pain in my lower back, particularly after playing golf. I was already on a regimen of physical therapy when I came here but the laser treatments have helped me immensely. I am now able to consistently to perform physical task as well as recreational exercise on a daily basis with little or no low back pain.

-Paul R.

Pain in my knees have been getting me to wake up at night in my sleep. Coming here probably postpone the surgery my hope. The pain comes and goes but not anymore. Staff and everyone is wonderful.

-Josephine S.

When I came to Integrative Health I had pain in my lower back all the time. Treatment helped me feel less pain and more relaxed. If I could have this same treatment for my other achy joints life would be much better.

-Latricia W.

Upon coming here, I depended on a cane to do anything. I am now able to walk without the cane. The staff here is wonderful and always professional and kind. I would refer any family or friend who needed treatment.

-Sandra W

I was impressed with the staff and Dr. Kim immediately upon entering the office. Never have I experienced such a welcome kindness personal attention and caring professionalism. Everything was explained in detail, all questions answered. I was in a lot of pain. Instantly which has been greatly reduced and I am very grateful. Before my treatment here I was taking lots of pain meds but not anymore. Indeed, I will refer family and friends to IH. Also special thanks for the consideration shown to my husband.

-Jane R.

Sciatic pain gone after 2nd treatment. Well worth the experience. Have recommend to others and they have taken up the recommendation.

-Lois R.

Have suffered with degenerative disc disease for several years resulting in pain and disruption of daily activities. The Laser Therapy and Decompression treatment took away the pain. Strongly recommend others seek here. Staff is excellent too!!

-Phillip R. 

After trying P.T, lots of shots, ice packs, I was worse not better. Hearing about Integrative Health and figured it was my last stop. I must say I could not believe it would help but what did and have to lose I hung in for six weeks and I must say I can finally walk without the sharp pain. All the techs were wonderful and I certainly enjoyed working with them.

-LaVerne R.

There has truly been a remarkable improvement far beyond the periodic pain I use to have. Periodically on my neck and radiates down my back and arms sometimes. I came in because of the effective advertisement I saw on the TV. The non-invasive was good. Nobody wants to cut anything on the neck or the spine. I have referred some already and will continue to. For six weeks, I got to know all of the staff members. They were just great and friendly and full of life. There was never a DULL MOMENT!!!!

-Osayimwense, O.

The amazing staff at Integrative Health have given me back mobility without pain! I’m sleeping better and can make it through a day without severe pain.

-Diane H.

I received the best treatment in here. Specially staff in here they made me more cure by caring, attention to me and treating me like their own pain. I truly recommend Kasee, Jordan and Linsey are the best care givers in this facility.

-Promila K.

My shoulder pain was a constant pain level of an 8 when I first came in and I couldn’t reach over my head because my shoulders were frozen in place. Since I came here my pain level is a steady 2 so much better and with the exercises prescribed to me I can now reach over my head and it is much better in both shoulders.

-Richard K-N.

On 10/4/16 I walked in the office with pain that was more than a 10-pain level on the right side down my leg was unstable at times. Six weeks and eighteen visits later I am a new person with no pain. It is wonderful!!! The staff is absolutely GREAT!!!!

-Denise R.

I was in pain and swelling of the left knee, at this time I have NO PAIN!!! I saw the advertisement on TV, so I said I would try it. I had laser on my knee and it was great. The staff was polite and pleasant to work with.

-Cleon T.

I happen to catch your commercial on TV, so I thought that I would try the laser treatments since I had very little to lose. I had just finished a series of injections in my back but no relief. The crew here is incredible. They’re kind, curious and respectful. It’s been a pleasure coming here not to mention the relief that I have gained by taking these treatments.

-Charles W.

When first arriving at Integrative Health I was having difficulty turning over in bed without pain. I also felt pain when walking, standing for long periods of time and on occasions when sitting. Since receiving treatments I am able to sleep comfortably and able to stand without feeling pain. Pain has greatly improved and most of what I feel is soreness when weather is cold. I have been telling friends and family about how much better my back feels since my treatments here at Integrative Health.

-Policia W. 

I came here because I had given up on all other treatments. This was my last chance. If it had not worked, I would have had to find someone again who would prescribe pain medication. The treatment has worked. I no longer have the pain in my hip. I feel great and have a new feel of life. I did the laser treatment, decompression, and the Hyper vibe. The staff was great and contributed greatly to my recovery!

-Gloria B.

For years, I have suffered lower back pain due to arthritis. My daughter saw a special advertisement for laser and decompression therapy, which she suggested I try. My first two visits were free and I could feel a difference. I can after six weeks of therapy stand and walk at a brisker pace and for a longer period without the excessive pain I previously endured. I truly believe that the treatment and the exercise routine has given me a better way of life. The doctors and staff were very attentive and encouraging during my visits.

-Barbara C.

I had never had back issues as a young adult or precise middle age. Then came Zumba, Yoga and other activities. I think Zumba was the instigator! Never Yoga! I began to have a sharp pain in my lower back when bending over that progressively got worse. But before that I kept having sciatica attacks! I spent a couple of years going to a Chiropractor and it would relieve the pain, but never going completely away. Then the sharp pains begin. A few years later I saw the Integrative Health commercials talking about no surgery and no invasive treatment to relieve back problems. So here I am pretty much pain free 11 treatments later! Thank You!!!

-Carrie F.

I came in with back pain. I received the laser treatment, Hyper vibe, and flexion machine. Along with the exercise my back became painless and stronger. Thank you for the treatments and thank you for the care that the staff have shown me.

-Paula N.

With this treatment I was able to get some relief to allow me to sleep at night. Before, I just could not sleep at night. However, my numbness and tingling is still there. The most important thing is I was able to get rest at night pain free. The staff is very supportive and custom friendly.

-Garfield M.

A skeptic by nature I was apprehensive about treatment. I have suffered 24/7 for months. I was unable to walk, sit, and lay without sharp, dull, aching pain. Dr. Hurst diagnosed disc issues and I started treatment. The staff is professional and very friendly and fun to work with. I started feeling better after the first couple of visits and looked forward to each session knowing it would only improve. The stretches and exercises are easy and take very little time but make a world of difference. I am enjoying my pain free days now to their fullest.

-Tina M.

I came here because I was in awful pain unable to walk, climb stairs, pain was so severe. I had been to ortho hip, spine, neurologists. And pain management doctors with no relief. I felt great after my first treatment and continue to improve. I would most definitely refer everyone.

-Mcghee, D.

It’s so nice to come to a place that shows you how much you really matter and that’s so kind to you. Thank you.

-Roger M.

I had tried physical therapy, medication, acupuncture, massage all helped a little but the pain was never gone. After my first laser treatment I slept through the night and was pain free for several days. I feel 99% better every day, sleep better, and can walk without no pain. I will encourage friends to try this. I feel this is the future of back pain treatment.

-Patti L.

First I came here in lots of pain. Long time I cannot stay on my feet in sharp pain. After therapy my pain come down tremendously. I am so glad I take this therapy. I recommend for anyone who have pain they handle themselves well and the sit and stand up exercises are the best. All the staff is great and help so great. I love them all thank you’ll so much.

-Esma K.

Before I came to this office I was being treated by a Ortho Surgeon for severe pain in the right knee and he was planning knee. Replace surgery I had a stroke a week before surgery was to take place. After stroke I had physical therapy and I would not have been able to do for the pain. I saw Dr.Hurst on TV and I came to your office and treatments have been great and I do therapy every day at home. Family and friends recommend Laser to them.

-Jones, D.

My low back is better than when I first came in. I can now manage my existing back pain with my physically demanding job with the help of the exercises I learned in treatment. I would refer my coworkers in the future. Thanks so much to the great staff at this office.

-Lynee H.

The amazing staff at Integrative Health have given me back mobility without pain! I’m sleeping better and can make it through a day without severe pain.

-Diane H.

I have improved tremendously since I have been coming to Integrative Health. You have a wonderful staff and will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Before I started coming to Integrative Health I had five epidurals and two hip injections. I had to use a cane. With the treatments here I did not have to use my cane and have had periods of feeling pain free. I have stopped taking so much pain medication and I feel much better and I can now walk without wearing a knee brace this is a miracle to me. I have had knee pain for over 15 years and I am so thankful and appreciate this treatment so much.

-Epps, B.

I just want to thank all of you for helping me get better. Thank you

-Denise E.

I had for sometimes a tiredness of the muscles in the neck. The pain started about 5-6 months ago. I started this therapy as a possible help and it was wonderful. The tech team was amazing and I did feel comfort but still some light pain. Now it is definitely less frequent and lower level on average. Thank you.

-Katherine D.

For years, I have suffered lower back pain due to arthritis. My daughter saw a special advertisement for laser and decompression therapy, which she suggested I try. My first two visits were free and I could feel a difference. I can after six weeks of therapy stand and walk at a brisker pace and for a longer period without the excessive pain I previously endured. I truly believe that the treatment and the exercise routine has given me a better way of life. The doctors and staff were very attentive and encouraging during my visits.

-Barbara C.

Much better feeling able to sleep at night. I feel like myself again and able to do things I could not do without help I am very satisfied.

-Coleman, V.

When walking right leg often would shoot pain down the leg. Sometimes cause weakness. Now I no longer have that to happen. The treatments were easy. The staff did a great job.

-Gerald C.

I came in with back pain when I walked or bent over a lot. I am now pain free. Thanks so much to everyone. The staff are so friendly and caring, they can’t be beat.

-Wanda C.

I have had shots, therapy, surgery but pain came on. I was watching TV and saw your ad and I said I believe I will try that and so I called the number and made an appointment. Dr. Hurst needed to see my records so I called and finally they sent me the copy. In the meantime I went to Farmville Hospital and got a copy of my MRI. When I had copies of records, I called and made an appointment. Dr. Hurst, Dr. Kim and all the staff could have not been any nicer. It was a good experience even though I am not completely “pain free”, I do feel better and I am continuing my exercises and I will do better and better. Thanks to all of you.

-Chenault, J.

I have experienced a lot of relief. I feel so much better than when I first started treatment. The first day I came into Integrative Health was a month ago and the treatments are just fine.

-Patricia C.

Pain at times caused me to stop walking. Wait 30-60 seconds before I could move. Appears to be NO PAIN and it is all gone.

-Donald C.

I was suffering from lower back pain and continuous pain in the right flank. It was a daily pain sometimes worse than others. Discomfort and or deep pain in the other parts of anybody mostly lower back. But always in my right flank. But not anymore. Now occasional soreness and or discomfort I’ve been dealing with assorted aches and pain for over forty years including two shoulder separations two back surgeries, two shoulder surgeries including rotator cuff and most recently neck in 2014. I thought I was free from the severe pain each gave me. Now after these treatments I feel much better in all these areas. Praise God!! Thank you!! For your help in resolving this (these) matters. Your staff in particular Jordan, Kasee, and Linsey, and Nikki…. God Bless you All!!!!!!

-John, C.

I feel 95% better since my first visit. Best decision I ever made was to have this treatment.

-Burrell, G.

In September 2015 I began having lower-back pain which got progressively worse as time passed. I visited several different physicians and surgeons, looking for some pain relief. My MRI was normal so no one could come up with a firm diagnosis let alone a cure. One physician gave me ten steroid injections and allegedly served the nerve that was causing the problem. The only thing this accomplished over serval months was to significantly increase my blood sugar readings. Nothing helped and my pain kept getting worse. I was prescribed several different muscle relaxants, pain killers (including very addictive opioids) and anti-inflammatory drugs. I also endured several months of physical therapy and aquatic therapy. Absolutely nothing helped to significantly reduce my pain for more than a very few days. In early 2017 I saw serval advertisements on TV with Dr. Hurst, DC explaining how his laser treatment helped to cure problems and relieve pain, so I reluctantly called for an appointment. I had never seen a chiropractor before but I had my first two free treatments as well as a diagnosis and treatment plan prescribed by Dr. Hurst. I proceeded with his recommendation of three treatments a week for six weeks, for a total of 18 treatments. I saw my pain level decrease over time and after only 12 treatments I saw my first day April 8, 2017 of absolutely NO PAIN in my lower back!!!! My NO PAIN level has continued for the remaining 6 treatments. Dr. Hurst and his staff were extremely friendly, helpful and professional, and I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all of them as I conclude my treatment plan.

-Douglas B.

I came in for help with m y right shoulder because I did not want to be cut. When I came in I could not lift my right arm over my head and within three weeks I had no pain. I am so happy the Holy Spirit lead me here to have laser treatment.

-Thelma B.

I came here because I had given up on all other treatments. This was my last chance. If it had not worked, I would have had to find someone again who would prescribe pain medication. The treatment has worked. I no longer have the pain in my hip. I feel great and have a new feel of life. I did the laser treatment, decompression, and the vibration therapy. The staff was great and contributed greatly to my recovery!

-Gloria B.

My reason for coming in was the lower back pain and shooting pain down my hamstrings and glutes.  I was limping not walking well at all. I would just bend over to stretch it out and use muscle rub and heating pads. I didn’t see a doctor for this until I saw the add on TV for this place. I decided to try this place out. I came in had an x-ray done and discovered my scoliosis had gotten worse which was causing the pain in my lower back. I began the laser treatments and decompression and they really helped. I also used the other equipment Hyper vibe machine and the flexion machine. One day as I rode the bus I was talking to the bus driver and he mentioned his back pain and I told him he should give this place a try and gave him the number to call. I would recommend Integrative Health to anyone. My experience here has been great. The staff here has been wonderful. Kudos to Jordan, Kasee and Linsey who work with me and the front desk staff the doctors have been great.

-Karen B.

Helped me get movement back in my neck and shoulders. Everybody was very nice excellent people.

-Gregory B.

I have developed a more positive attitude about daily exercise. Now, I take less pain medication instead I try to think past the dull pain and move to other activities.

-Jean B.

My first visit, I was suffering from a bad case of gout. Since coming to Integrative Health, I have experienced total transformation. The laser treatments have helped tremendously along with the vitamin supplements. I would recommend laser therapy to family and friends.

-Powell, G.

Lower back pain, feet numb and discolored toe nails brownish in color.

(When I first came in.) 

Lower back is not hurting much anymore. Feeling in my feet and toenails. My Sciatic Nerve has not bothered me.

-Edgar B.

Everyone was extremely friendly and professional. I am able to do more activities longer than before which has made this treatment well worth the time!

-Bryan D.


I have had low back pain for many years.  The medications I used before would only help temporarily.  The pain became so bad that I couldn’t exercise or go running anymore.  So I was happily surprised when this pain left my body in only 2 visits!  The treatment did not hurt, it was actually gentle relief.  I would definitely recommend others to see the doctors at INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center.

Theresa T. –


You should definitely give INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center a try.  I have had lower back pain for over 10 years.  I tried all of the medications… I have even been to other chiropractors, and nothing ever seemed to help for more than a couple of days.  The pain was so bad that walking and housework seemed impossible.  I can finally do these activities better than before.  I did get relief on the first visit, and right now… I am PAIN FREE!

Nancy C. –


I am from France.  I traveled to Virginia this year to visit friends and I found INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center on the internet while researching new options for my pain.  I was very intrigued by the Laser Treatment that they offer.  I have had the pain for over 25 years because of 2 car accidents and the medications and physical therapy that I have tried before never gave me more than temporary relief.  Lots of things became a real challenge.  I couldn’t go jogging anymore and going to restaurants wasn’t enjoyable anymore because of the pain.  I was skeptical that the doctors at INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center would not be able to help me, but after the first visit, I actually went 2 days without pain!  The treatment was warm, peaceful, and relaxing and now I am currently PAIN FREE!  I would definitely recommend INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center to anyone dealing with pain.  No side effects.  No chemicals!  Safe! 

Isabelle R. – 


I have had pain for over 10 years.  The pain was gradually getting so bad that it was making it very hard to be effective at my job.  I decided to call INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center to see if they could help.  I had tried other physical therapy and various medications in the past.  They helped temporarily, but the pain always came back.  Needless to say, I was skeptical that this treatment would work.  However, I got relief on the very first visit and haven't turned back since… and now I am currently PAIN FREE!  I would definitely recommend INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center to anyone looking to finally get out of pain.


Henry G. -



I couldn't walk!  I was in the hospital for a month and couldn't walk because of the pain.  I am a professional singer and I also teach voice, piano, and guitar.  The pain was so bad; I couldn't sing or teach anymore… but now I can!  I saw the ad for INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center, and I thought I would see if they could help.  I received Laser treatment, spinal decompression, physical therapy, and manipulations.  It was all wonderful and on most days I am PAIN FREE!  I have recommended INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center to many people already, and I would recommend that you give them a try as well.

 Judy L. -



I came into INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center for knee pain and also for pain in my neck and pain between my shoulders.   My knee pain has been a problem for 10 years.  I tried injections and other medications over the years, and none of it helped.  I wasn't able to walk my dogs or work out at the gym because of the pain.  I was losing hope.  Then I saw the ad for INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center and thought I would give their office a try.  I actually got relief on the 1st visit!  From the laser treatment, to the spinal decompression, to the exercises and stretches… all of it helped dramatically.  The treatments were very gentle and painless, and now I am PAIN FREE!  I would absolutely recommend others to INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine& Disc Center.  The staff is very professional, friendly and easy to work with. 

 Debbie S. -




I have had low back pain off and on for 5 years that is caused by a disc herniation.   I have been treated by other chiropractors and physical therapists which would help, but it was only short term relief.  The laser, decompression, and adjustments feel great.  There is rarely any discomfort, and I am almost PAIN FREE!  I would most definitely refer others to INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center.  They have more options to heal patients long term than any other doctor's office I have been to in the past.

 Peter G. -


I came into INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center to be treated for pain in my lower back that radiated into my right leg.  I had the problem for at least 2 years.  I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but they weren't able to help me.  I used to exercise 3 times a week, but had to stop because of the pain.  That is not the case anymore. I can finally exercise again without pain!  I received NewLife Laser Therapy, Decompression therapy, and performed various exercises and stretches during my treatment.  The doctors and staff were very thorough, and the treatment was gentle and painless… and now I am PAIN FREE!  I would definitely recommend anyone in pain to go to INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Spine & Disc Center.

Josette B.  -




I didn't know where else to turn… My physical activity was diminished due to sciatica.  I was in excruciating pain.  After 3 treatments, I have seen huge results, without having surgery, injections, etc.  I understand how the body can heal itself, when the alignment is correct.  It is a new way of life, and I am feeling better and the pain lessens each day.


Connie S. -




I knew nothing about chiropractic or acupuncture medicine until Dr. Hurst and Dr. Kim's treatments.  I never had proper posture in my entire life until Dr. Hurst adjusted my bone structure.  I could walk upright with no effort as I had never done before. 


Dr. Kim treated me for hip pain with acupuncture and the pain stopped.  I had the pain for 2 weeks prior. 


Dr. Hurst's nutritional knowledge advised me to use specific supplements which promoted a resistance to inflammation.  I have little arthritis pain now with that and the chiropractic treatments.  Integrative Health worked for me!

Joann D. -  


Thank you for helping me.  I wish I had done this years ago.  You have made me feel so much better!  I will continue to refer others to you. 

Irv G. -



Hello Dr. Hurst,
Thank you very much for helping ___________tend to her injuries. I would hope that she continues to follow-up with you as we certainly want to see her train pain-free as she moves on in her career as well as life.
That being said, I will be happy to refer to you, anyone I feel could benefit from your services. I will be sure to note the success you have had with ________.
 Thanks again and let me know if there are any future issues with ________that our coaching staff should be aware of. If anything, we err on the conservative side of training with any injuries, so it would be helpful to have your diagnosis to help us.
Jim Roe, Owner
Virginia International Gymnastics Schools, Inc.



"When I first visited Dr. Hurst and Dr. Kim's office I was having lower back pain, numbness in my upper legs and pain, or more like stiffness in my neck.  I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was a little skeptical, but after the first two visits I could feel the difference in my back and neck.  Dr. Hurst is very gentle and yet effective. 
 Dr. Hurst and Dr. Kim are just awesome.  They are so friendly and down to earth.  They make you feel so welcome, and also their other patients that I have encountered, they are also very friendly.  I guess it rubs off of Dr. Hurst and Dr. Kim.  Their products are very good, at least the ones that I purchased.  The pillow, oh the pillow, is just awesome!  I use to use three or sometimes four pillows and would have neck pain and back pain… and now there is no pain!  There is so much that I can say but just to size it up… I have no more back and neck pain.  The numbness has gone away.  I have more energy.  I sleep better.  I am more alert.  My acid reflux doesn't bother me too much now…  Thank you Dr. Hurst and Dr. Kim.

Alice A. -



"I thank Dr. Jason Hurst, since from the first week of therapy I began to see and feel the results from pain that I had for more than 20 years.  I have been suffering from back pain and since I started treatment, I feel much better. It's like I never experienced this intense pain that has been torturing me for so long… Thanks."
Reyes C. -



"Dr. Hurst's treatment was very effective on my chronic back pain.  After 4 weeks of treatment, most of the pain is gone and I'm feeling well, which I've never had for a long time.  Thanks Dr. Hurst!"

Young H. -



"When we moved to Midlothian, we did research to find a practice that was as excellent as the previous practice where we received care.  Dr. Hurst and Dr. Kim have exceeded our expectations.
By combining expertise in both Eastern and Western medicine, along with knowledge of nutrition and cutting edge chiropractic treatments, our daughter was effectively treated for a sprained ankle in a very short timeframe, thus allowing her to participate in the Virginia state Gymnastics Competition.  The Doctors are now treating our entire family to keep us healthy.
It is obvious that they are very enthusiastic after their years of study and continue to consult the latest material in order to benefit their patients.  We appreciate such quality care."

Brenda S. -



"I was treated for my knees and lower back pain.  Since I started my treatment, my lower back pain has minimized, my knee pain is getting less and less; I have more energy and my daily work routine is a whole lot better.  If anybody asks me, I highly recommend Dr. Hurst's Chiropractic treatments."
Arturo M. -



"In being originally treated for lower back pain, I actually received more relief in other areas of my body that I did not know needed healing.  With my adjustments, my legs were evened out, my stress level dramatically reduced and my posture improved.  Dr. Kim and Dr. Hurst's knowledge of their field has changed my thinking and heightened my awareness of my overall health.  My results were noticed after my 1st week of adjustments.  The treatments were the radical change my body needed to achieve optimal health, a lifelong journey I finally feel like I am on the road to obtain."

Angela D. -



"When I first came for treatments I couldn't turn my head to see my shoulder right or left but after the second week of treatments I was able to look over my shoulders more than at first and I have more energy to do my work-out in the gym better.  I can move more easily... not as stiff as before.  I have had chiropractic care before, but not like Dr. Hurst.  He brings on the thunder.  That is when he's doing my alignment and after which I feel like a new person.  Dr. Hurst and Dr. Kim are two kind people who give great service to their patients to what I have seen and experienced since I have been coming for treatments.  They're the dynamic duo team, a very friendly atmosphere.  They treat you like family here at the Integrative Health Chiropractic care."

Maple W.-



"Hi! I hate to admit that I was a bit skeptical that treatment would work.  However, after two neck popping sessions,  I noticed a marked difference.  I drove between Sweetbriar and Richmond with no pain which hasn't happened in years.  Thanks so much!"

Jeanita R.  [Ph.D.] -



"At last I found the solution to my biggest problem for my lower back pain and migraine that started 5 years ago.  One time, there was a chiropractic seminar at my workplace.  I did not hesitate to come over here.  I needed to start my therapy because my x-ray results were really bad.  In 5 days, I was really amazed.  I felt good and better. As a housekeeper it's a big help for me because I bend my body with quick movements.  I'm glad that I found this office.  As a part of my Thanksgiving, when I hear from my co-workers and C.N.A.'s about back pain, I give them advice to see the Chiropractic doctor and told them what happened to me.  Thanks, and I really appreciate Dr. Kim and Dr. Hurst.  I can't forget this in my whole life as long as I live."

Emily O.  (Filipina)  -



"A car accident in high school caused me to go from back pain to so much I was in tears.  Begging my parents to let me go see a chiropractor to check out my back went on for years.  Eventually they conceded and let me see one, though not much relief was provided by the first or second chiropractor that I saw, so I stopped  going altogether and before I knew it, the tears were back and so was the tension… I decided to try HEALTHFIRST CHIROPRACTIC and Dr. Hurst because it was close to home and very affordable.  Dr. Hurst was the first chiropractor that I met who took an in-depth assessment of my situation before doing a single adjustment.  I like the fact that Dr. Hurst does follow up assessments so I can see the progress that's been made.
 After months of treatment with Dr. Hurst I have had no tears, my posture has improved, my range of motion has increased and the tension that had built up along my spine after years of neglect has decreased so much that I don't realize it's there anymore."

A. Klinker -



"I have been experiencing lower back pain since my college days because of a bad fall in the snow one winter.  It became worse when I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl.  I did take vicodin for a short time right after the fall, but that seemed to be a 'quick fix' because as soon as the drug wore off, the pain returned in full force.
 The pain seemed to dwindle away, it would return occasionally, but definitely came back in my first trimester of pregnancy.  It became so excruciating that it was hard to get comfortable anyway I sat or stood.  Both of my parents started coming to HEALTHFIRST CHIROPRACTIC, my mom had surgery on her lower back, but it didn't seem to make a difference, and my dad for his mid back.  I was a little skeptical because I heard if you start to go to a chiropractor then you have to continue on going to one. 
 I waited until I had the baby, and went to one of Dr. Hurst's dinners and presentations.  It was very informative.  I am the type of person who does not like to take much medication unless I absolutely have to.  Because that is a belief of chiropractors and I knew my 'peanut' was only going to get heavier, I thought I would give it a try.
 What a difference going to Dr. Hurst has made!  I experience little or no lower back pain, and when I have stress build up in my neck, he relieves that too!  I am very grateful to the practice of chiropractics and Dr. Jason Hurst."

N. Nelson -



"One week before Christmas in 2005, I was exercising on a Nordic rider.  The following morning I was experiencing pain in my neck, upper back between my shoulder blades, and my lower back (sciatica).  Prior to that I had been exercising three times a week on a nordic rider which provides an upper and lower body workout.  So with that said, I saw an ad in the Kane County Chronicle about the chiropractic drug free approach offered by Dr. Jason Hurst.  It made me a firm believer of what chiropractic medicine can do for you as a resort to surgery and a long painful healing process which may follow.  In my case it has been proven to be beneficial.  Anyone experiencing back pain, or any other pain that you have been experiencing over a period of time, I suggest Dr. Hurst for a free consultation.  With that said you will be provided with excellent treatment and satisfaction.  With all that said, I can't thank Dr. Jason Hurst enough!"

J. Gaedtke -



 "I drive ½ hour to get to the office, usually arrive a few minutes early, so you know I am impressed.  I appreciate the friendly faces, the fun and laughs, the sincere concern, the DRX9000 machine that has made my back so much better, all of the adjustments, and motivating sermonettes.  I love the way I feel after an appointment.  Without HEALTHFIRST CHIROPRACTIC I doubt if I would have realized the importance of using the least assistance possible in walking, sitting, getting up, and just about every movement.  In all, it's been a great experience."

Carmen D.-



 "I have been to several Chiropractors.  And now I have found a good Chiropractor that works for me.  My neck, my back, and my lower back was killing me.  But when I met Dr. Hurst he made all those problems go away pretty fast.  I have recommended him to a couple of people.  I would say he is the best of the best of all Chiropractors.  I now can do things that I couldn't before.  Now that all the pain has left me, I now can fight better, clean better, and just play better.  Did I mention I can even sit better?  If you are ever going to go to a Chiropractor, I would recommend going to Dr. Hurst."

Diana R.-



 "I have had lower back pain ever since the birth of my first child, over 30 years ago.  Then I happen across an advertisement for a new machine, called the DRX9000, used for the treatment of back pain.  After the first treatment I noticed a change.  My job requires sitting at a desk at times and that will cause me lower back pain from poor posture.  But the DRX9000 has fixed that problem! I will finally be able to work in my flower garden this summer without back pain."

 Sharon N. -



The care and detailed information given at this office is exceptional.  One feels not only better physically but mentally - superior.

 Dianne R. -








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  • "I came to Integrative Health because this is the only place that helped me a lot. I came here with pains of a number 6 and now it is down to a zero in my left side. Thank you so much."
    Audrey P.
  • "The staff is excellent and they make you feel good whenever you come in. Very helpful. The pain in my knee has decreased considerably."
    Betty B.